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Modusynth expands and adapts to your skill and needs. 
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Synthesizers are available with a wide range of features for users with different skills. As a user's skill increases, they will need to keep replacing their synthesizer, incurring wasted products, money, and time. Artists' applications may leave them wanting more specific features as well. For example, a studio musician may need a larger keyboard and fewer inputs, while a performer on stage may want more inputs for traditional instruments and a smaller keyboard. A flexible synthesizer will allow ongoing tailoring of specific features while reducing waste and creating a bond between artist and manufacturer. 
(n) a usually computerized electronic apparatus for the production and control of sound (as for producing music). Commonly used in pop, hip-hop, rap, and edm music. 
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The "monotron" is a basic synthesizer with a single octave keyboard, mono channel sound, and just a few inputs. It's a good deal at $50, but it will be outgrown quickly.
Mid Synth.png


The "AKAI" retails for $150. Its two octaves, eight drumpads, and a selection of dials makes it versatile. While useful for a new artist, the AKIA lacks necessary features for gigging or recording.
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The "MS-101" can be used to record and produce music with its pro quality sound, three octaves, and multiple equalizing channels. At $385, the MS-101 is a very expensive choice for beginning artists.
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HOME houses the battery and is Modusynth's connection to the digital world. A bluetooth signal can connect to a phone or computer for detailed settings or recording. One HOME is required for each Modusynth collection. 

KNOB 4x is a block that allows the user to quickly make adjustments to volume or tempo. The light-rings around each knob note the channel the knob is paired to. Pairing happens in an app.

ROLLER 3x allows the user to 'bend' notes between traditional pitches for flair. Roller 3x is usually used in conjunction with OCTAVE, but could modify rhythms created by BEAT or bend sounds coming from traditional instruments via IN / OUT. 

Synth - Block - drum machine.png
Synth - Block - octave.png
Synth - Block - In Out.png

BEAT is a drum machine, allowing the user to create and cycle through various beats and rhythms.  The colors of the soft translucent buttons correspond with the channel of the beat. 

OCTAVE is a keyboard interface that allows the user to compose music through a semi-traditional interface. In most cases, the sounds created do not resemble a piano, but are instead synthesized sounds equating to the notes on the keyboard.
IN / OUT is Modusynth's connection to the physical world. Traditional instruments can be channeled into Modusynth using the two phono jacks or the MIDI jack. Modusynth's music can run into speakers through the stereo phono jacks.
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Synth - Garage.png
Synth - Stage.png
Synth - Studio.png

The GARAGE set includes the basics to make beats, modify pitch, riff with a single octave and make adjustments to volume and tempo on the fly. 

The STAGE set is perfect for DJing at small clubs. It includes the basics and adds the ability to "scratch" records using DIALS and pump the bass with two SLIDER 4x blocks. The included IN / OUT block has twin stereo outputs for your power amp and an MIDI input for your microphone. The STAGE set packs up and travels with ease!

Upgrade to the STUDIO configuration for everything you could need to produce your next LP. Four IN / OUT blocks give you lots of options for mixing in traditional instruments. Two OCTAVE blocks give you a wider range for riffing, and six SLIDER 4x blocks allow detailed mixing and equalizing. If that's not enough, keep growing your Modusynth to fit your needs!

Synth - Podcast.png

Modusynth's flexibility goes beyond making great music. It's terrific for making podcasts too.  The PODCAST set includes jacks for two microphones and four sets of headphones. Independent equalizers and volume level on each channel create a crisp sound. The HOME block will record or stream live wirelessly to your phone or computer.

IMG_7343 2.jpg

I 3D printed a rough model in a few different sizes to determine the best scale and ergonomics for Modusynth. The rough model also validates the fun factor in laying out your Modusynth in various configurations. 

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