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I have worked with factories in Asia to optimize parts for injection molding and order off the shelf components for larger assemblies. I have experience ordering prototypes from model shops in Asia and the United States. I've also worked extensively with local machinists on optimizing parts for CNC milling.
I can develop precisely toleranced technical drawings and speak in detailed terms on a wide range of manufacturing techniques. I always maintain a bill of materials when 3D modeling and I enjoy working to optimize manufacturing processes. My experience with a design consultancy has given me exposure to a wide range of manufacturing techniques, and I enjoy learning about new processes.
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3D Modeling
I am an expert in solids modeling using Solidworks and Autodesk Fusion 360. I can create large, organized assemblies and sub-assemblies to make sure individual parts will fit together nicely and components will be properly housed.
I am also experienced in modeling technical details including: ribbing, bosses, draft, and wall thickness. I use finite-analysis tools within the modeling programs to confirm that these details meet the needs of the manufacturer. I always integrate hardware and components into my models as early as possible. 
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3D Surfacing
I use Rhino 7 and Fusion 360 to develop Class-A Surfaces for product housings. I am experienced with NURBs based modeling theory and I continually hone my digital sculpting skills. I use zebra stripes and other surface analysis tools constantly to make sure I've developed perfect surfaces. 
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Product Rendering
I use Keyshot 10 Pro to create high quality product renderings and animations. I develop custom materials and HDRI environments for every project to create renderings that are as realistic as possible. I also use Adobe Creative Cloud for post-processing renderings and to create context renderings. I am currently working on developing my 3D Animation skills to create product animations and videos. 
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Rapid prototyping allows me to quickly evaluate concepts, develop ergonomic qualities, and generate new ideas. I like to leverage desktop 3D printers and RTV molding to quickly create castings in a wide range of materials. I also use cardboard and foam-core models to mock up ideas.
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I use digital and traditional sketching to explore new ideas and concepts. I like to keep my sketches quick and rough so I can move quickly during the ideation process. I also sketch throughout the cad process to explore smaller details and shapes. 
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Patent Strategy
I have worked closely with patent lawyers to develop patentable concepts. I currently have a utility patent and two design patents based on my work for the Strada Walker and Terrain Tire. I've also worked with and referenced patents on a range of other projects. I understand how to read patents and navigate around existing patents if needed. I've created patent drawings that were approved and I understand the specific attributes that are needed for a patent drawings. 
Client Interaction
My experience working with a design consultancy has allowed me to work directly with a wide range of brands including small start-ups, large corporations, and non-profit organizations. I've learned to identify the needs of these clients and tailor my process and deliverables to meet their needs. I've also learned to work with a wide range of individuals inside these companies including marketing teams, engineers, manufacturers, lawyersmanagement, and owners. 
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