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An anti-vibration tire for mobility devices.



Rough sketching and CAD models allowed me to quickly visualize a wide range of variations for tires. It also allowed me to calculate volume in order to determine material cost for various geometries.

RTV Molding

3D Printed Mold

I developed a system for 3D printing reusable RTV molds. Three vents allowed me to pour resin quickly enough to fill the complex shape of the cavity. Screws bolt the mold together and can be used to force the mold apart. 


Two-Part Polyurethane

I cast the tires with a two-part polyurethane rubber in a wide variety of shore hardnesses. Pouring at a slow and steady pace reduces air bubbles and evenly fills the molds.


RTV Tire

3D Printed hubs allowed me to mount the RTV molded tires onto any walker for rapid testing. Total cost for a set of tires was less than $100, and total time to produce a set of prototypes was less than 3 days.


Prototype Tires

These are just a few of the many materials and geometries that we molded and tested.

Prototype Evaluation
RMS Vibration

The Terrain Tire reduces vibration by 96%

Gravel (no background).png
Gravel low impact (no background).png
Terrain Tire.4.5.png

Traditional Walker Wheel

Gravel Surface, 250ft, Standard Walker Wheels

Terrain Tire

Gravel Surface, 250ft, Terrain Tire

Intellectual Property
Wheel and Patent.jpg

The Terrain Tire has been awarded a design patent and is close to receiving a utility patent. 

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